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See my personal blog for updates and thoughts on various subjects that interest me. 

In my blog..."Science Fiction: Time Travel and Robots 2" and "Science Fiction: Genetics" published!  I was recently inducted into the UC Irvine Hall of Fame.  You can view my interview at UC Irvine on YouTube.  My microstory "Winners Take All" is published!  My recent Intellivision "truckin'" game interviewI invented a new solitaire game, and I'm working on an interactive version.  I hope to release this in 2016.

I was interviewed by Intellivisionaries for their podcast episode #3 on my classic video game, "Microsurgeon".  Go to my blog for more on this.


"Microsurgeon" (Imagic 1982) was one of 240 video games nominated to possibly appear in the Smithsonian Institution exhibit on "The Art of Video Games. (see Era 1 - Intellivision)" "Microsurgeon" lost, but that doesn't mean it didn't get noticed. See "Yes, Video Games are Art...", Game Developer Magazine, April 2011, "The High Art of Games", and news from the Denver art scene


A commenter on YouTube suggests that my classic video game "Truckin'" (Imagic 1983) may have been the first sandbox (Open World) game ever.  See blog entry "Self-Driving 18-Wheelers Still Need Drivers" for more.  Also I'm interviewed in "Retro Gamer" #127

I started NEWWorthy to report on what's new or relatively new and hopefully worthy of your time.  Check it out.

Game Development Consulting

I have over ten years experience in designing and developing video games and have recently taken up C# and XNA for Xbox, PC, and Windows Phone programming.  I am a credited game designer for the following published games: "Microsurgeon" (Creative Game of the Year, Original Game of the Year), "Truckin'", and "Kids on Site".  I've worked with some of the top game design and development people in the video game industry.  For more information, my resume is here.


Tampa Bay Private SAT and Math Tutor

I am an experienced, certified High School Mathematics teacher and software engineer offering SAT exam private tutoring. I scored a perfect 800 on the Math section of the GRE, a college graduate exam similar to the SAT. My expertise is in tutoring Algebra, Geometry and SAT Math skills. I will also consider tutoring for other tests and math subjects. For SAT tutoring, I suggest at least one 2 hour session per week.


I've won the coveted math contest t-shirt in the Ole MIss Math Contest.  I suggest for quizes, lessons, and competition that can build math skills and confidence for doing well on the SAT and other math exams.  For various other math practice and contest websites see my blog.


For contact information, go here.



I can help you trace your family roots.  I've researched family connections in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Scotland, U.K., Poland, Sweden, and Turkey.


Internationally recognized photo expert, Maureen Taylor, added her third installment to her blog (about my old family photo) in her Familly Tree Magazine column (Dec. 12, 2011).  See also her Nov. 7 and Nov 15 blogs about the photo.  Photo identification is challenging work, but I've since determined that the photo was probably taken in Anoka County, Minnesota around 1898 and I have identified 1 or 2 persons in the photo.


Here's a good article about some origins of the name Levine.

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